Wildfire, LLC is a privately-held advertising and communications agency in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The company exists to shatter every tired, negative perception people have about advertising agencies. Fueled by commerce-based creativity, curiosity and collaboration, we are here to do one thing…grow our clients’ business while lowering their blood pressure.

Job Description:  The perfect candidate for this job will have:

  • Write smart, eye-catching headlines.
  • Write copy in everything from scripts to brochures and marketing plans.
  • Juggle multiple accounts every day.
  • Write with versatility on everything from banking to lingerie.
  • Not only write, but concept.
  • Write efficiently without being micro-managed.
  • Write copy that is creative while still being strategically on track.

Education/Experience Requirements:  A Bachelor’s degree is preferred with 2-5 years   writing experience.

Personality Synopsis:  Writer must be highly motivated individual with excellent work ethic, energetic with a team player attitude.