Designer – Winston Salem, NC


Do you become visibly angry at the sight of Comic Sans, find poor kerning offensive, and get excited by a well-executed web video? Then keep reading.

At Wildfire, we cut the clutter of typical agency antics and focus on the important things: creating big ideas and impactful creative for our clients. We do this by approaching everything with an insatiable curiosity, a collaborative work style, and a passion for the world around us.

As a Designer at Wildfire, if you’re coming in right out of school, we will ask you to do much more than be a set of hands for someone more experienced. You’ll have the opportunity to jump in head first and create unique concepts and designs from sketchbook to the final piece that will jump your career forward by leaps and bounds. As someone more experienced, you’ll join a strong team of designers that will help enhance your abilities and portfolio.


  • Portfolio of work
  • Strong design aesthetic
  • Strong type design
  • Conceptual problem solver
  • Ambitious
  • Team player
  • Ability to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines


  • Bachelors degree in Communication Design, Art Direction, Graphic Design, or related field
  • 0-5 years of design experience
  • Proficiency in Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop

You must include a resume and a link to your portfolio site for consideration.