Barely There

Raise awareness for newest product launch and drive traffic into Kohl’s for purchase and increase relevance and sales with a slightly younger demographic.

Drive Simply The One™ sales by expanding customer base and deploying mobile coupon.
Generate WOM about Simply The One™ among real women and top influencers.
Garner consumer insights via consumer trials and social commentary to improve product offering.
Create authentic connections between customers and Barely There.

Increase WOM with current and new consumers via a strategic social and digital campaign.

3,154,586 million organic impressions for Simply The One™
2,322,667 impressions for Simply The One™ through Kohl’s partnership
48,195 page views for Simply The One™ microsite
16,776 page views for mobile coupon; 60.7% conversion rate of those landing on the Simply The One™ micropage
1,098 people emailed the coupon to themselves from desktop
1,278 clicks to coupon from email
1,790 clicks to Kohl’s from email marketing
700+ mentions for the brand through Twitter chat with celebrity stylist, Alison Deyette