Wake Forest Athletics

Jump start the fundraising year with a campaign focused on gaining new donors and increasing the annual gifts from current donors.

Fans are more likely to donate when they know exactly how their gift impacts the lives of student-athlete. How do we show that donated funds are used for far more than just textbooks and jerseys? What if we could create an interactive way for fans to spend donations on building their ideal, well-balanced student-athlete?

The “Develop A Champion” campaign was born. A two-part interactive game that allows fans to allocate stars (aka funds) to essential resources for any Athletic Department – Facilities, Academic Support, Recruiting, etc. As they think through where they want to allocate their resources, they are prompted with a message to “Fundraise for Deacon Club” which allows them to earn even more stars to allocate. This behavior is intended to reinforce the need for funds and additional donors in order to achieve the Wake Forest Athletic Department’s mission to Develop Champions. In addition, the campaign was supported with targeted emails, a direct mailer, timely paid social ads and retargeting banner ads.

20% increase over fundraising goal in new and increased donations as well as 8% increase in new Deacon Club members gained.