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2024 Marketing Trends: What’s in and what’s out?

2024 Marketing Trends

It’s January and we are a marketing agency; of course we are going to predict marketing trends for 2024!

If you happen to be reading this post-January, that first sentence embodies one of those social media trends that caught on swiftly in December 2023. It lingered a tad too long, and will finally get the corporate seal of approval in February.

On a more earnest note, we’ve tapped into the insights of our strategy, creative, social media, and interactive experts to envision the landscape of 2024. From the realms of “cookie-less” advertising and data privacy to the principles of accessible design and cross-functional collaboration, our teams look forward to a year marked by innovation!

2024 Strategy Trends

Strategy: adapting to the changing data privacy landscape

With Google phasing out third-party cookies, advertisers’ ability to target users based on their past behavior (retargeting) will be entirely at the user’s discretion. Will people willingly allow platforms and advertisers to track them across websites and devices? It remains to be seen. We’re not ruling out the fact that users will demand more personalization once they see irrelevant ads in their feeds. And that requires… well… third-party tracking. In 2024, we’ll focus less on stalking the perfect behavioral target. Our content should speak to the values that motivate them!

2024 Creative

Creative: Clarity and inclusivity reign this year

Design in 2024 is all about sharp, user-centered strategies. Clarity reigns with named layers, sleek visuals through limited color palettes, and the smart use of white space. Inclusivity takes the forefront, ensuring designs cater to diverse audiences. On the flip side, designers are pushing back when it comes to brand assets in the form of a flat jpeg, requests to ‘make the logo bigger’ or the vague statement ‘just make it pop’. It’s time for more refined and contemporary approaches. And yes, we know… Comic Sans and Papyrus are plebeian. No need to make those cliche jokes anymore!

Social Media Trends

Social: Brevity, Authenticity, and Interaction

In 2024, the landscape of social media has undergone notable shifts. Short-form content has emerged as a dominant force, capturing users’ attention with concise and engaging messages. Niche and interest-based content has also seen a surge, as platforms focus less on friends and followers and more on content preferences, and paid social content that seamlessly integrates with organic content is on the rise. The traditional Instagram Square format is on the decline, giving way to more diverse and dynamic content layouts. The social media landscape in 2024 features a preference for brevity, authenticity, and interactive content.

Digital Interactive 2024

Interactive: It’s time for a digital makeover party

Web design and interactivity in 2024 is like a digital makeover party with some old pals leaving and hip newcomers strutting in. It’s all about putting mobile-first design in the VIP section, because, let’s face it, small screens are the new red carpet. Usability testing is the cool kid at the party, ensuring websites aren’t the awkward guests who can’t find the dance floor. And collaboration between designers and developers? It’s the ultimate power couple. On the other hand, text-heavy websites are so last season – nobody has time for that novel-length homepage. Twitter is taking a bit of a backseat, maybe getting some beauty sleep before its next big comeback. As for Google Analytics 3 (and possibly GA4 too), well, it’s the end of an era; cue the dramatic exit music. And Wix? It’s the ex that’s being replaced by sleeker, more sophisticated options – because, let’s be real, it’s time for an upgrade.

If these concepts are new and daunting to you, Wildfire has got you covered! Reach out to us and we can help you enter 2024 with relevance and style!