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The Challenge

Many Lowes Foods store locations were struggling to stand out in the highly competitive grocery category. As part of a larger effort to change grocery shopping from a chore to a delight, SausageWorks was born.

What We Did

Consumer Research
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Point of Sale
Environmental Design

The Solution

SausageWorks, with its unique signage, packaging design, uniforms, and sensory experience, presented sausage to the sausage lover in 80 new flavors and counting. If Willy Wonka had made sausage instead of chocolate, his famous factory would have been SausageWorks at Lowes Foods. With its signature gears, pipes and wacky language, we developed a brand that is wholly dedicated to experimentation and one-of-a-kind flavors such as The Kentucky Gentleman, The Breakfast Piggy, and The Commander in Cheese.

After Wildfire’s SausageWorks rollout, sausage sales rose several thousand percent! As a result of the overall Originals branding initiative, Lowes saw a basket size increase of 7% and transaction volume increase of 23%. Lowes Foods went from shutting doors to renovating 2.5MM square feet of existing retail space and building 1.5MM square feet of new retail space.

Wildfire named a top naming agency.