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The Challenge

Chicken is often a loss leader or sold at-cost to get customers into the store. Lowes Foods was known for having great chicken, but needed a way to showcase it in all of its forms…fried chicken, wings, rotisserie chicken. Oh, and don’t forget the fixin’s!

What We Did

Consumer Research
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Point of Sale
Environmental Design

The Solution

Chicken Kitchen gives you Sunday dinner any day or night of the week, and provides a dynamic in-store experience with unique signage, packaging design, uniforms, and sensory experiences. Your one stop shop for all things chicken and fixin’s, Chicken Kitchen grabs the attention of adults and kids alike with custom die line packaging that breaks the frame, and lighthearted and funny Southernisms. The Chicken Kitchen voice conveys that this is place worth crossing the road for. Oh, and did we mention that the Lowes Foods hosts invite store guests to join them in the Chicken Dance several times a day?

After Wildfire’s Chicken Kitchen rollout, chicken sales increased 120%! As a result of the overall Originals branding initiative, Lowes saw a basket size increase of 7% and transaction volume increase of 23%. Lowes Foods went from shutting doors to renovating 2.5MM square feet of existing retail space and building 1.5MM square feet of new retail space.