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The Challenge

UNIFI reached out to Wildfire with the desire to transform their new Yadkinville facility into a state-of-the-art Visitor & Innovation Center. This facility would serve as a meeting spot for customers, mill partners, employees and government officials, whereby they would learn more about the sustainability, innovation and supply chain excellence of UNIFI. As part of the build, UNIFI knew that they needed a focal space. That focal space would come in the form of a 800 square foot hallway and 1300 square foot conference room that would serve as the meeting place for all tours. UNIFI hired Wildfire to transform this stark area into an awe-inspiring space for all visitors to experience.

What We Did

Concept Development
Environmental Design

The Solution

Through our brand immersion we uncovered a key insight into the UNIFI brand: “Innovation Starts in the Fiber.” As a result, our design concepts leveraged the notion of woven fibers as a means by which we could tell the UNIFI innovation story, featuring their REPREVE product line. We believe that environmental design should feel like an experience versus a presentation. Visitors should feel as though they learned something useful and now truly understand the value of a brand like UNIFI. With that in mind, our design team integrated multi-media storytelling with our design to ensure that the Innovation Center truly felt innovative.