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Brand Planning: the Importance of a Firm Foundation

Brand Planning: A collage of houses sharing a foundation

Brand planning is rarely flashy or showy. Most people won’t see all the work that goes into it. But they will see the effects of that work come to life in all other aspects of your marketing. At Wildfire, we take brand planning seriously, and so should you!

Imagine your brand as a house. What are the aspects that create a sense of identity? What transforms the house into a home? Its facade, architectural design, decor, and even the dings and nicks work together to communicate a personality unique to your spirit – the essence of who you are and what you care about. All of this sits atop (hopefully) a sturdy foundation.

When a guest visits your home, you are giving them insight into the unique qualities that you believe are important to outwardly display. Those authentic truths that are innately tied to who you are. Like a guest visiting your home, you want to impress your brand’s audience with the specifically curated personality that you worked hard to create. The nuances of building a brand rely on laying a foundation that will last for years to come – one that will never falter and yet can evolve when changes are required. 

Why Invest in Brand Planning?

Your core brand is your foundation. Everything else makes up the execution of your brand – what people experience when they interact with you. Before you can communicate with your audience through visual assets and other methods, you must do the work to establish that which is fundamental to anchoring your business in its unique and identifiable personality – your brand positioning.

A brand is only as strong as the level of understanding and investment given to the project from both the organization leaders and their agency partners. Much like building a house from scratch or renovating a well-loved home, creating a strong brand foundation or developing a brand evolution is no easy task. There will be countless conversations, presentations, brainstorms, and more, all guiding you towards eventual success. Investing the time and effort to do it right from the outset ensures long-term brand stability.

Proactive & Collaborative Brand Planning

We at Wildfire recognize that a resilient brand foundation is the cornerstone for creating a lasting, impactful, and authentic brand experience. Steps taken to proactively maintain your organization’s brand over time are much like general upkeep and maintenance on a home. It allows you to

  • maintain brand relevance in a changing world
  • build continued engagement as the business grows
  • prevent awareness degradation that so many organizations fall victim to over time

Wildfire’s brand planning process forms a symbiotic relationship in which both parties flourish as they work to meet project goals. Just as a homeowner invests time and effort in selecting the right contractors and designers to build a durable and aesthetically pleasing home, organizations must carefully choose their branding partners to fortify their brand foundation.

Successful brand planning requires a thorough understanding of the organization’s values, goals, and unique identity. It involves delving into the essence of the brand, examining its roots, and envisioning its future growth. Just as a skilled architect considers every detail of a home’s design to ensure its stability and functionality, brand planners need to meticulously craft a strategy that aligns with the organization’s mission, vision, and more.

This comprehensive approach not only prevents immediate cracks in the foundation but also prepares the brand for adaptability and expansion, allowing your brand to be responsive and agile.

Wildfire’s proprietary Brand Pyramid model

We initiate the process by distilling the brand essence into our distinctive and proprietary Brand Pyramid model – drawing inspiration from those formidable structures renowned for their stability, durability, and precision. Through the pyramid building process, we establish a shared understanding of the core aspects of the brand. With the brand pyramid foundation set, we now focus on the other manifestations of the brand experience that help us communicate our desired consumer perceptions.

In addition to your custom Brand Pyramid, you’ll come away from brand planning with the following assets:

  • Brand Pillars
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Voice

Guiding fundamental documents such as your Brand Pyramid, pillars, guidelines, and voice all work in harmony to ensure that no matter the circumstance your brand foundation stays strong. They continue to provide a clear path forward in any environment, working to affirm that your brand stays valid, motivating, and differentiating – three of the best metrics through which to judge your brand’s health. From there, the sky’s the limit! We can customize other executions of our work ranging from creative design, mobile and web experiences, communications and media planning, almost anything you can think of all tailored to your organization’s brand, your home.

Some of our work

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If you find yourself still thinking “why brand planning?” Simply put, it contributes to the brand’s longevity and profitability. Brand planning creates a clear path for an authentic brand experience that generates engagement and loyalty. At Wildfire, we recognize that a strong brand foundation is essential for creating a lasting, impactful, and differentiated brand experience. So, as you embark on your brand planning journey, remember that a solid foundation sets the stage for enduring success and limitless possibilities.

Ready to take the next step, but not sure how?  Reach out to us and we can help you determine the best way to create, revive, evolve, or reinvent your brand!

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Written by:

Daniel Oberti
Junior Account Planner